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Spotlight: Jose Montoya

Jose Montoya is a comfort specialist

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09 Nov 2015

Don’t Let Heat Leak Out! 3 Signs You Need More Home Insulation

Wintery weather, as far as it happens for Southern Arizona, is already upon us. It’s hard to believe that only a month ago we were still worshipping the A/C and sporting fashionable (or not so fashionable!) summer wear.

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26 Oct 2015

How Colonial Americans Bore Northern Winters

Severe winters are a formidable foe for those who are unprepared to face them. When pilgrims docked at Plymouth Harbor in 1620, they would find out the challenges to dealing with winter in the northern latitudes of the North American continent.

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14 Oct 2015

What Tucsonans Should Know about Home Air Quality and HEPA Filters

With off-season maintenance going on to prepare for winter, you want to think of how you can maximize the changes you are making, particularly how well and how long your home air filter performs.