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Spotlight: Jose Montoya

Jose Montoya is a comfort specialist

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17 Mar 2015

How to Decide the Right Temp to Set Your Thermostat

With the grueling summer on the way, you are probably thinking about preparing your home to be cooler. When the heat first sets on, you will probably wonder how you will survive the summer, but as your body acclimates to the weather outside, so you will find that you don’t need to cool your house as much as you originally thought.

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09 Mar 2015

The Evolution of Air Conditioning: From Ancient Egypt to the Southwestern U.S.

Did you ever wonder how climate control methods evolved into the modern efficient systems available today? Climate control technology is available to us as a result of thousands of years of development.

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26 Feb 2015

To Repair or To Replace?

A central climate control unit is a complex system, having many parts and a very important job to do. The cost of a unit versus the cost of some repairs can make you undecided as to whether you should have your unit repaired or purchase a new one altogether.