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TMM Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program

In the hot desert climate of Tucson, home cooling is essential. But sometimes circumstances and hardships mean that repairs to a home’s cooling system are not feasible for families. Because of this, Breezeways partners with the TMM Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program to provide air conditioning repairs and installations to those who may not be able to afford it otherwise.

Recently, Breezeways had the honor of helping one Tucson resident named Maria. After Maria’s husband passed away 7 years ago, her full-time job was reduced to part-time hours. She had to get another part time job just to make ends meet. Maria’s daughter, Amanda a single mother of a 10-month-old baby, also lived with Maria. The home where they lived had an outdated heating and cooling system: an evaporative cooler that is 17 years old. Although Maria did not have the money to pay for a new system, Breezeways partnering with TMM’s Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program was able to help Maria purchase a new heating pump.

TMM Letter of Thanks

Thank you Bank of America and Breezeways!

Times have been tough and money has been very tight since Maria’s husband passed away seven years ago. Her full time job was reduced to part time hours so she added another part time job just to keep the family home she has lived in for 17 years. Maria is one of many Tucson homeowners that TMM has helped by using grant funds received from the City of Tucson and from Bank of America to provide home repairs.

Maria’s daughter Amanda works full-time but is now a single-mother with a 10-month old baby to provide for without any child support. Like so many other families, Amanda and her baby recently moved back into the family home in order to have a place to live where they can make ends meet.

Maria’s home was built in 1960 and had heating and cooling issues. The evaporative cooler was 17 years old, ineffective and needed to be replaced. The wall heater was inadequate even when it did not work and the family desperately needed a new source of adequate heat for the home. With no existing furnace cavity to accommodate a new furnace, TMM consulted with Breezeways, Inc. to resolve the heating issues.

Despite the condition of her home, Maria didn’t have the money needed to make the repairs. Fortunately TMM’s Owner Occupied Rehabilitation program was able to assist Maria and program funds were used to purchase a new heat pump.

It is almost impossible for a grandmother and a low-income single mother to provide for themselves and a child in a home without heating or cooling. This year, thanks to Bank of America, and Breezeways, TMM was able to provide this three generation family with a complete mechanical system upgrade. Breezeways removed the old wall furnace and cooler, and donated the entire cost of the labor to install the family’s new heat pump.

TMM is grateful to its community partners to be able to assist families in need during these difficult times. Thanks for your support Bank of America and Breezeways!

TMM Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program

Primavera Foundation

The Primavera Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving people a pathway out of poverty through safe, affordable housing and shelters, workforce development, and more. Breezeways has partnered with the Primavera Foundation for 10 years to provide comfort in low-income homes. This includes offering free units, labor, or quality unit donation to homes whose systems are inefficient, outdated, or ineffective in keeping residents comfortable and healthy. Because of poor or non-existent systems in many of these homes, new installations can be so expensive that they are unaffordable for residents. Without Breezeways and the Primavera Foundation, families may not be able to get the help they need.

One Breezeways technician recalls a home in which an old cooling system was allowing allergens to get into the home air, causing residents to become sick.

Breezeways provided a better system when the family might not otherwise have been able to afford one. Breezeways partners with 2-4 families each year to provide them with new or updated systems.

Little League Sponsoring

For 6 years, Breezeways has proudly sponsored a baseball team with Sunnyside Little League coached by Breezeways comfort specialist, Jose Montoya. Breezeways funding allows the team to purchase equipment, provide the umpire, pay for uniforms, and more. The team ranges in age from 4-14 years old, and this year, the team are 6 and 7 years old. No matter what age the players are, the focus is always on teaching team skills, responsibility, respect, and hard work.

Many companies believe that community involvement is important. Breezeways doesn’t just believe this: they demonstrate it, and Sunnyside Little League is just one way they do that