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Category: Cooling

Is Your Home’s Temperature Affecting Your Sleep?

With Tucson summers reaching over 100 degrees outside, indoor temperature control is critical. While most people opt for daytime air conditioning relief, they shy away from staying cool at night. Scientists have studied the correlation between temperature and a sleep, and the resulting data

How to Keep the Heat Out of Your Tucson Home

Tucson residents strive to find any relief we can get from the sweltering dog days of summer. Many us of will jump for joy once we reach the time of year that the heat subsides – because then jumping won’t send us indoors for

Evaporative Cooler Pads: Is There Really a Difference?

Most Sonoran Desert dwellers have migrated their home cooling mode to central heating and air conditioning units, but a few still hang on to their swamp cooler or else use a combination of air conditioning and swamp. Residents with both say they have the