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Controlling Allergens in Your Home

Spring has sprung, and it is always an unfortunate time of year for allergy suffers who have to bear the deluge of runny noses, watery eyes and itchy skin. While there are many ways to alleviate outdoor allergy symptoms, one of the easiest is

Does Your Home Need A Duct Cleaning?

For most of us there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a clean house, but what if your home isn’t as clean as you thought it was? Your floors are spotless and even your baseboards are bright and dust-free, but what about the areas you

7 Critical Safety Tips for Fireplace Safety

The Sonoran desert’s unusual frosty streak in recent weeks have driven Tucson residents to focus on home heating and guarding against winter weather more than last year. In response to the cold snaps, we automatically want to nudge our thermostats, and many a fireplace