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Save money. Save time.

When you commit to a maintenance agreement, Breezeways will visit your home twice a year to make sure that your system is working optimally. No muss, no fuss– let Breezeways do all the work for you.

Top 10 reasons to maintain your system with Breezeways

When you let Breezeways maintain your high-quality equipment, you win. Here’s how:


Maintenance when you need it most.

We make maintenance visits at the beginning of summer and the beginning of winter– right when you need to make sure your heating and air is running optimally.


You’re a VIP.

Who doesn’t love being a VIP? As a maintenance agreement customer, enjoy 24-hour response time and VIP customer service.


No trip or overtime charges. Ever.

You’ll never pay to have us come to you, no matter where you are. With your maintenance agreement, the trip is on us. Plus, you will never pay overtime charges, even if your unit requires serious maintenance


We have it, we service it.

A maintenance agreement covers an array of different unit types, including furnace/AC, heat pump/AC, and evaporative coolers. Do you have unique maintenance needs? Find out how we can help.


Multiple year contracts are sold at a discounted rate.

Once you try the maintenance agreement, we’re sure you’ll want to keep it for years to come. When you do choose to extend your agreement to multiple years, you’ll save even more money.


15% discount on repairs.

In the event that your AC system needs repair, we’ve got you covered — for 15% off regular price.


The agreement is totally transferable.

If your home is ever sold, your maintenance agreement can be transferred to the home’s new owner.


Prevent small problems from becoming big problems.

Before your system breaks, there is almost always a sign that it is not working as it should. Save the money and hassle of fixing a broken system by getting your maintenance agreement today.


Hello, lower utility bills.

What if you could put money back in your pocket every month? With a maintenance agreement, do just that by reducing your energy costs. Maintenance agreement customers have the most energy efficient homes. Join in and watch your monthly bill go down.


Your equipment will last longer.

Signing a maintenance agreement is like agreeing to longer lasting HVAC equipment. So take yourself out to celebrate because your quality products will have the long life they were designed to have.

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