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Electronic Air Filter

Filtering the Air and improving your Indoor Air Quality

At Breezeways our Team takes pride in providing high-quality indoor air  cleaning to families across Tucson and its surrounding areas.  

Filters are important to change often as recommended per the filter specifications. 

  • 1” paper or fiberglass filters should be changed once a month or certainly every 3 months as specified

  • 4” filters should be changed every 6 months

  • 5” filters or filter media should be changed every 12 months 

A filter should be changed if it is visibly dirty—and most definitely if you cannot see the filter media because of the debris. Filters should also be checked or changed if there is a burning smell while the heat is on. A clogged filter will put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your system and cause it to work harder,  It can increase your maintenance and utility costs as well as cause significant damage to your system. 

Every homes Heating and Cooling system is different . More frequent filter changes are necessary if: 

  • Occupants suffer from asthma or allergies

  • There are pets living in the home

  • Windows and doors are open often or not sealed properly

  • One is smoking in the home

  • Your home or Business is located near a dirt road,  Construction site or in the Desert

  • If a fireplace or wood-burning stove is used

If you have any questions contact us Today,  One of our Friendly Team members would be happy to assist you!

Pollen:  Pollen Particulates trigger breathing difficulties for people with Asthma          

Dust Bunny’s:  Dust is a very common Indoor Air Pollutant 

Foreign Substances:  Small particles of Foreign Substances such as Mold can often become airborne                                                                                                                        Mites:  Mites live in dusty environments and feed of dead skin.  when airborne we inhale them 

Bacteria:  Bacteria grows on surfaces around the house 

Pet Dander:  Pet hair and skin are irritants for people with respiratory issues